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Let's optimize your website together! A web check will tell you if your website is already quick, accessible and sustainable and where it can be improved. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me and schedule a free initial consultation!

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  • Website Optimization

    • improve and certify its ecological efficiency
    • your customers will love it
    • make it work smoothly on every device
    • make it easy to find on Ecosia and Google
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Questions and Answers About Website Optimization

To optimise existing websites, we can take very different measures depending on the site, including tried and tested methods that almost always bring a profit. This includes cleaning up unnecessary data hogs and reducing file sizes while maintaining the same image quality. On this page, you can find out what we look for in web optimisation and what exactly we can do.

Will your website become a building site during the optimization?

No, because changes are usually made step by step and can be checked and released on a test system. In case we need to take immediate measures against urgent errors (hotfixes) or due to a cease-and-desist warning, we will test them thoroughly to prevent undesirable effects. Ideally, your website will always remain accessible and operational.

How can you achieve initial success quickly?

We will start with the most urgent problems: if we find critical errors we'll repair them immediately, before planning and prioritising further measures. We can proceed step by step as your time and budget allow. Intermediate results can be published promptly to improve your website immediately.

How do we know what to improve on your website?

With my experienced eye and modern diagnostic tools, I will spot errors, problems, and opportunities for improvement on existing websites. Often, simple measures such as optimizing the storage of very large homepage images or removing unused components can significantly improve loading time and energy efficiency. Accessibility can also benefit from simple usability improvements like increased color contrast or adding missing labels.

What is technical debt, and how can we get rid of it?

Things often have to happen quickly in business: Start-ups want to grow and become visible with little effort. A simple website is perfectly adequate in the beginning, but not sustainable in the long term. Technical debt is a term for the known compromises we know we must rework later. When software becomes outdated, we talk about legacy code. Refactoring usually begins with examining and documenting the software and coding automatic tests to ensure its functionality. Important updates can then be made step by step, and new extensions can be added.

How do automated tests pay off?

Thanks to modern technology, many test steps can be repeated automatically. This allows us to compare screenshots before and after changes and ensure important basic functions, such as an online shop's cart and checkout process. Automated audits can detect defective links and obvious violations of accessibility requirements, among other things, and help us evaluate and prioritize repairs. Our initial investment in test creation will pay off in the long term by reducing error rates and simplifying later changes.

When is it worth optimizing a website?

No matter how beautiful and successful your website looks, there is always room for improvement. Sustainability also means maintainability: how durable and reusable is the software, and how easily can it be updated? Here, website operators can save on running costs in the long term.

How much does optimizing your website cost?

The costs depend on the scope of the order and the specificity and difficulty of the requirements. My current default hourly rate in my homepage's pricing section. Non-profit organisations and ethical start-ups can request discounts. Individual price agreements are also possible for long-term cooperation and invoicing according to daily rates. I would be happy to create a precise offer or a cost estimate.

Take advantage of a free initial consultation

Our initial consultation is always free of charge. Schedule an appointment in my online calendar or contact me via your favourite channel (email, phone, messenger, contact form, LinkedIn, reflecta network, ...) and leave me a message. I will get back to you as soon as possible!