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My name is Ingo Steinke. I am a sustainable and creative web developer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Customers who have benefited from my work include Avenga, nexum, Wandelpunkt Consulting , and Planted.

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Make up your own mind about my work! A selection of my past projects:

Portfolio Relaunch

My relaunched portfolio Ingo-Steinke.com illustrates my work as a web developer. Modern design and typography, cutting-edge technology, and extensive textual revisions characterize my updated professional portfolio. Code:

HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript Liquid Eleventy

Atomic Design System

As a senior lead developer, of a team of front-end web developers, I developed a modular system for the relaunch of multiple websites of an international corporate customer.
The Fractal framework served as a technical basis.

HTML CSS Fractal Handlebars Webpack

Optimization and Enhancement

For the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) consultants of Wandelpunkt-Consulting.de I added new content and optimized the blog's loading time.

WordPress Semplice CSS SVG

Frontend Enhancement

After doing a ClimateHack project together in 2021, I supported the Cologne based startup Planted by enhancing a webflow project and integrating payment providers.

Webflow JavaScript HTML CSS

Plugin for Shopware

My first Shopware 6 project was an administrative plugin facilitates load time optimization for online shops via an API. It has been released in the official Shopware store in 2020.

Shopware 6 Symfony PHP Vue.js

React Web App

wao.io's graphical user interface visualizes technical data and allows webmasters to configure how their websites are optimized. I developed and updated app components as a member of the front-end and support team.

React JSX ES6 CSS-in-JS Storybook

Meetup Management

In early 2020, I assumed management responsibility for the Cologne web performance meetup. We held a series of international lectures by Patrick Meenan, Andrew Petryk, Anna Backs und Christina Zenzes, amongst others, to inspire an audience extending beyond the borders of the region.

Event management Web performance

Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin to assist our customers' editors automatically purges the cache memory at wao.io's performance optimization servers. The plugin was released on WordPress.org in 2020.

PHP JavaScript Docker Localization

Small Business Website

I built Kleiderordnung-Duesseldorf.de as a single page website with tab navigation in 2016. I adapted the graphical print design for flyers and business cards in collaboration with the designer.

HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript PHP

Long-Lasting Solutions

I can implement your layouts across platforms, and pixel-perfectly if needed. My goal is to build long-lasting solutions that are elegant, transparent, and easy to maintain. Modular components, themes, as well as CSS frameworks and methodologies like BEM and Atomic Design help to simplify collaboration and further development. Continuous testing allows me to discover and eliminate errors at an early stage.

Full-Stack Experience

When enhancing existing code, I benefit from professional experience and a pragmatic approach. With back-end and DevOps experience and a high willingness to learn, I can also take charge of tasks that may arise besides front-end development.

Plugin Development

My preferred approach is to implement back-end interfaces as independent modules. For the web performance service wao.io, I developed plugins for Shopware 6 and the WordPress CMS. Both plugins were included in the official directories after being successfully tested. I also developed themes for Shopware 5 and 6, for JetBrains-IDEs like PHPStorm and IntelliJ IDEA.

Professional Skills

  • Web Development

    • Markup
      HTML 5 XML Liquid Twig handlebars
    • CSS
      CSS 3 SCSS PostCSS tailwindcss less
    • JavaScript
      ES6 React Preact TypeScript Node.js jQuery
    • PHP
      PHP 7 PHP 8 Composer PHPStan
    • Database
      MySQL Oracle mongoDB Mongoose
    • XML
  • Software Stacks

    • Shopware 6
      Shopware Bootstrap SCSS Twig Symfony
    • JAM Stack
      JavaScript Eleventy Markdown Liquid npm
    • Fractal Stack
      fractal SCSS Handlebars Webpack CodeceptJS
    • MERN Stack
      mongoDB Express (P)react Node.js yarn
    • LAMP Stack
      Linux Apache MySQL PHP
    • WordPress
      WordPress PHP HTML CSS JavaScript
  • Other Tools

    • Quality Assurance
      Jest cypress axe Lighthouse Storybook CodeceptJS
    • Collaboration
      Scrum Kanban Jira Trello fractal
    • Linters, Transpilers
      TypeScript Babel Stylelint eslint PostCSS
    • DevOps
      Docker Jenkins Snowpack Netlify AWS
    • Source Control
      Git GitLab GitHub SVN
    • Image Editing
      GIMP Inkscape Krita ImageMagick

Work and Passion

What still fascinates me

Worldwide communication and inspiration: The World Wide Web connects people with robust and decentralized technology. Websites designed to offer everyone access to this network need to be attractive, fast, and accessible. My work helps to make this dream a reality.

Professional Background

I founded a start-up in 2000 whose first products were interactive websites and browser games. Later, our core business transitioned to search engine optimization and our Active-Webshop software.

While employed as an e-commerce engineer at Xsite in Düsseldorf from 2010 to 2014, I developed online shops for Shop-Apotheke.com, Ars mundi, and other customers. As a technical consultant at Sevenval Technologies (later Avenga Germany) in Cologne and Berlin, I optimized the loading time and mobile phone compatibility of apps and websites for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and created front-end applications for wao.io and other customers. I have been a freelance web developer since late 2020.

Future Topics and Sustainable Development

In the IT industry, innovation, transformation, and digitalization often mean nothing but technological progress. In many cases, social challenges in ecology, equality, safety, and data protection do not receive the priority they deserve. I want to support ethical and ecological projects, for example the transition in the transport sector, renewable energies, or environmentally friendly fashion. I'm a fairantworter, a reflecta Changemaker, and I signed the Sustainable Web Manifesto.

In my DEV Blog I regularly publish articles about web development and related technological topics.

Talks and Events

At conferences, courses, and meetups I like to exchange ideas on a professional and personal level.

Photograph: Ingo Steinke, Frontend Web Developer, Freelancer, on never code alone TV in 2021 (partial captions in German)
Image: Never Code Alone Conference 2021

A selection of my past talks:


Ingo Steinke

Neunzigstr. 6a
40625 Düsseldorf

+49 (0) 163 46 84 08 0
VAT ID DE340489834
Bank account: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG DE89 4306 0967 3029 8400 00
Professional Liability Insurance Professional Liability Insurance: exali Media-Haftpflicht www.exali.de/siegel/Ingo-Steinke
Logo: change maker at reflecta network Changemaker at reflecta.network: www.reflecta.network/changemaker/ingo-steinke

Siegel von Cleaner Web

Erklärung zur klimabewussten Website

Diese Website unter https://www.ingo-steinke.de/ hält das °Cleaner-Web-Siegel für klimabewusste Websites.

Siegel von Cleaner Web

Die Website erfüllt den °Cleaner-Web-Standard. Sie wurde anhand objektiv messbarer Faktoren darauf geprüft, wie klimabewusst die Website ist.

Um auch digital einen Beitrag für den Klimaschutz zu leisten, haben wir diese Website auf Gesichtspunkte der Carbon-Emission-Optimierung überprüfen lasse und sind im dauerhaften Prozess, diese dahingehend weiter zu optimieren und zukünftige Änderungen immer auch nach klimabewussten Gesichtspunkten zu gestalten.

Prüf-Kategorien des °Cleaner-Web-Standards sind:

  • Inhalte der Website
  • Datenmenge
  • Aufwand am Endgerät
  • Green Hosting
  • Server und Performance
  • Datenübertragung

Weiterhin ist unser Ziel, die Website kontinuierlich zu verbessern – wir sehen diese Online-Maßnahme als einen von vielen Klimaschutz-Bausteinen, um aktiv zur dauerhaften Senkung der CO2-Emissionen beizutragen. Bei größeren Änderungen oder einem Relaunch werden wir die Website erneut prüfen lassen.

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