Accessible and Climate-Friendly Website Optimization

Websites should be user-friendly and legally compliant. Further regulations will be added to the existing ones like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), like the European Accessibility Act (EAA), mostly based on the existing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defining minimum accessibility standards for websites. Customers are paying more and more attention to the environmental friendliness of products and websites. The sustainable web developer Ingo Steinke from Berlin actively deals with these topics and optimizes websites accordingly. Look at Ingo's testimonials and technical skills, or contact him now!

  • Do you know your website's CO2 footprint?
  • How can we make your website more energy-efficient?
  • How can you promote green claims credibly?
  • How can you promote green claims credibly?
  • What could be your long-term digital sustainability strategy?
  • How can we combine environmental protection, economic efficiency and social sustainability?

A digital sustainability strategy includes ecological sustainability, privacy protection, inclusion, and accessibility. Economic (commercial) sustainability has often been seen in contradiction to ecological and social aspects, but especially in the context of sustainable digitalization, minimizing data and increasing efficiency and reusability create synergies that benefit everyone involved.

How can I reduce my website's CO2 footprint?

Green electricity, energy efficiency, accessibility, consistent page layout, avoiding misleading user interface patterns are considered in analyses and audits. They can also positively impact search results positioning. Energy efficiency can be attested for free to prove to ecology-oriented users that your green claims are not greenwashing. The so-called CO2 footprint of a website is easy to estimate and understand. Analyzer services like WebsiteCarbon, Ecograder, Green Web Check, or CleanerWeb issue digital certificates that can be integrated into their own websites as graphic banners or text links. They calculate a pollution equivalent (CO2e) from the estimated energy consumption and compare it with other websites' measurements. Green hosting is another important factor of eco-friendly web development. Green hosting stands for ecological server technology in data centers powered by renewable energy like wind and solar power as much as possible. Here, too, measurable successes can be proven to build trust.

Digital sustainability as a competitive advantage

Sustainability also means maintainability: how durable and reusable is the software, and how easily can it be updated? Synergy effects can benefit companies and the common good, for example, by using and sharing open-source software.

What sets sustainable (web) developers apart from others? Their awareness, willingness, and courage to think beyond the customer's requirements in terms of eco-friendliness, accessibility, data protection, and quality assurance.

Green claims: independent audits increase credibility

Independent audits can be used without creating additional costs for you as a customer. Certain transparency obligations affect entrepreneurs starting at a certain company size. Overall, it makes sense to pursue a business strategy that is sustainable in every respect and can rightly be advertised as such.

It could be so simple: Do good and talk about it! However, it is not only transparency obligations such as the upcoming Green Claims Directive, but also suspicious and demanding customers and the fear of "shit storms" that make many companies hesitate to advertise their sustainability progress ("green hushing"). Facts can help here! Test results can be verified, and external measurements can be linked so that your promises of digital sustainability appear verifiable and credible.

Individual consultation

Is environmental friendliness an important criterion for your website? Do you have further questions about sustainable web development? Schedule an appointment for a free and non-committal first consultation!

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